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10/16/2017 Contact updated.

09/25/2017 DVI RX Wizard (Version 6.12) added to Downloads page

09/23/2017 My Lens Order feature added

07/13/2017 Updated contact info

02/03/2017 Contact updated.

09/20/2016 Contacts updated.

08/16/2016 Contacts updated.

07/11/2016 Contact updated.

07/08/2016 Contact updated.

07/05/2016 Contact updated.

06/06/2016 Contact updated.

03/21/2016 Contact updated.

03/09/2016 Contact updated.

01/27/2016 Fax number & copyright year updated throughout website.

12/01/2015 Contact updated.

08/07/2015 Added link for free registration to get Exhibit Hall Pass.

07/28/2015 Updated contact info and added product logo (Unity). Added link to Vision Expo registration.

07/01/2015 Signup form to receive monthly statements by email added.  Updated terms of use and copyright dates.

04/03/2015 Contact updated. 

03/17/2015 Contact updated. 

01/30/2015 Contact updated. 

01/27/2015 Jeremy Grandstaff, President, added to Contacts page.   Management info updated.

01/21/2015 DVI RxWizard setup tutorial posted on Lens Resources page.

10/30/2014 Contact updated. 

08/12/2014 Contact updated. 

06/20/2014 Contact updated.  Website and email availability notice added.

06/09/2014 Contacts updated. 

03/21/2014 Contact updated.  Banner on web pages and image on News page removed.  Copyright date updated throughout website, including Terms of Use page.

11/07/2013 Contact and home page info updated.

08/30/2013 Contact updated.

08/29/2013 Vision Expo registration link posted. Contact updated.

05/28/2013 Contact updated. 

05/01/2013 Contact updated.  Copyright dates updated throughout website.

04/12/2013 Contact updated.

03/21/2013 Contact updated.

01/29/2013 Contact updated.

01/14/2013 Contact updated.

12/05/2012 Contact updated.

09/05/2012 Contacts updated.

07/18/2012 New Vision Expo free registration link posted.

06/15/2012 Vision Expo free registration link posted.

03/27/2012 Contacts updated.

11/17/2011 Contacts updated.

08/28/2011 Contacts, product line, press items, hours, logo, and copyright dates updated throughout website.

08/08/2011 Vision Expo free registration link posted.

06/27/2011 Updated product & contact info.

02/11/2011 2011 Premium Points and Promotions Enrollment Forms added.

10/31/2010 Whisper survey added.

04/13/2010 New version of DVI RxWizard (also known as DVI Remo) uploaded to Downloads page.

06/08/2009 Seminars photos and Vision Expo 2008 photos updated on seminars, seminar photos, home page.

03/22/2009 Lens info added (Progressive Availability Chart, Carat Advantage Approved lens listing, Crizal Availability Chart).

04/03/2008 Empire Optical has joined the Essilor of America network (PDF).

03/28-30/2008 Website moved to a new state-of-the-art data center.

10/2/2007 Added:  2006 Vision Top Labs Report, ANSI Z80.1-2005 Prescription Ophthalmic Lenses standard, Progressive Identifier 2007.

09/26/2007 New Empire Optical website launched!

2006  Ranked 4th in the nation, ultimately #1 in California, and rated among the top 25 U.S. independent labs in 2006, according to Vision Monday.

09/24/2004  "Going the Extra Mile", Vision Monday article featuring Empire Optical.





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